On Tuesday 23rd June we hosted a webinar alongside our colleagues at Public Health Scotland to explore how, even at a time of social distancing, we can place communities at the heart of the decisions that shape their access to food, enabling a healthy and sustainable diet.

On the day we were joined by expert speakers Professor Corinna Hawkes, Director for the Centre of Food Policy, Kelly McBride and Kevin Ditcham of the Democratic Society (Scotland), and Lesley Forsyth of North Ayrshire Council.

The webinar is now available to watch above.


Whole System Approach

Obesity Action Scotland is working with the Government, NHS and other national agencies to support local services in seven ‘Early Adopter’ areas test a ‘whole system approach’ to diet and healthy weight.

We are currently supporting local teams as they work in collaboration to understand the issue and the system in which it lives.

The focus of each programme is already taking shape:


North Ayrshire

The focus of the programme is to improve the food and physical activity environment experienced by children and their families. They are now in the midst of their planning stage. This will include an extensive consultation with local communities across North Ayrshire to further develop and refine a local vision and action plan.



The programme is governed by the Dundee Partnership and has a well justified focus on children and families.

Dundee has now trained four staff in the Whole System Methodology, and in late March their Healthy Weight Working Group is to host the workshop required to understand the issue and the system in which it lives.



Midlothian will focus on their three neighbourhoods: Dalkeith Central / Woodburn; Mayfield / Easthouse and Gorebridge. They strive to improve the food and physical activity environment (including marketing and advertising).


East Lothian

East Lothian Council will focus on food insecurity, out-of-home food and poverty in Musselburgh. The project is called Loving Life and will expand on their Loving Food initiative.



The project will cover the areas of Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath in Fife. The initiative sits within the wider Fife Diabetes Prevention Partnership and Fife’s Community and Wellbeing Partnership.

Programme leads anticipate the whole system methodology to be applied to:



The Borders’ project will focus on children and young people in the town of Eyemouth.


West Lothian

The team is currently training staff and preparing their plan to identify the issue and the system in which it lives


This programme will help test Scotland’s emerging Whole System Approach to Public Health and to enhance local obesity prevention activities. For more information, please contact: Fran.Eatwell-Roberts@obesityactionscotland.org