We have commissioned a poll* among adults in Scotland to understand the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on lifestyle, especially on diet and physical activity. This report follows the Summary Report and the Topline Results and describes results of further analysis of the data exploring stories within it.

Our main findings were:

1) Eating out of boredom was the biggest change in behaviour identified by this survey. Those eating out of boredom also ate more unhealthy food. Some groups, such as young adults, ate out of boredom much more than others
2) Those who reported eating more unhealthy food since the outbreak of the pandemic also were most worried about diet and body weight. In other words, knowing did not translate to action but instead to being concerned
3) This survey indicated that lifestyles of young adults, women, those with mental health problems and those who sought help to afford food from family and friends and from emergency services such as foodbank were affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 in different ways and more than others

* Mark Diffley Consultancy and Research carried out a representative poll among adults in Scotland. The polling fieldwork was carried out online between 7th and 13th May 2020. The survey was conducted among 2079 adults (aged 16+) in Scotland.

Lifestyle of Scotland’s People Since the Coronavirus Outbreak: Stories within the data

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