WCRF Cancer Prevention Recommendations

24 May 2018

Today, 24th May 2018, WCRF launch a new blueprint for cancer.  In it they update their recommendations for cancer prevention based on strengthened evidence.  The recommendations now include separate recommendations to limit consumption of fast/processed foods, and sugar sweetened drinks.

WCRF acknowledge that cancer prevention depends not only on individual choices but also on governments creating an environment that encourages lifelong healthy eating and a physically active lifestyle.

Responding to the report, Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead of Obesity Action Scotland said: “The environment we live in every day has a strong influence on our food and physical activity choices.  We are currently bombarded with promotions and adverts for unhealthy foods. To stay a healthy weight and have a good diet that stacks the odds against cancer we need to change that environment so it is much easier to make the healthy choice.”