Kitchen Table Talks for a Good Food Nation

06 February 2018

We have plenty of land in Scotland, and plenty of sea, and plenty of skilled people, scientists and innovators. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have plenty of good food for everyone! Yet the reality is our food system is not working: food banks are on the rise, as well as diet-related diseases, while workers in the food sector (including many farmers) are poorly paid with insecure jobs, intensive farming systems compromise wildlife and animal welfare, and contribute to climate change.

Nourish Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Food Coalition, is inviting people from across Scotland to get together for a Kitchen Table Talk to discuss the future of food in Scotland.

The Scottish Government will soon introduce a ‘Good Food Nation Bill’ and the Scottish Food Coalition want this legislation to be a chance for everyone to shape Scotland’s food system. The purpose of the Kitchen Table Talks is to hear what really matters to people about food, and what they want the Good Food Nation Bill to achieve. The Talks will run it for 10 weeks until Sunday 15th April. 

What is the project about?

Until now there has been little opportunity for people to participate in making big decisions about how the food system works. The food system involves all of us, and the Scottish Food Coalition hopes that this legislation will be a chance for everyone to shape Scotland’s food system.

The Kitchen Table Talks provide a way to collect people’s ideas for what a Good Food Nation looks like, how Scots feel about how our food system works and what we think the Government could do about it.

To learn more, visit the Kitchen Table Talks website.

Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead of Obesity Action Scotland commented; "Our poor diet is one of the greatest public health challenges we currently face in Scotland. It is making us overweight and ill. Part of the solution to this challenge is to change our food culture. The Scottish Government is going to introduce a ‘Good Food Nation Bill’, Scotland’s first piece of legislation that looks at the whole food system. Changing culture and systems is no small task and it needs the whole nation to get involved. The Kitchen Table Talks provide a great tool to start some discussions about Scotland's food system and what needs to change."