Health committee call for Scottish Government to tackle price promotions

Today the Health and Sport Committee has called for a bold approach to tackle obesity in Scotland. 

We welcome their support for Scotland to take the initiative to tackle this health problem with bold actions.  In particular, the Committee has supported the calls of many organisations, including ourselves, for regulatory or fiscal controls to tackle price promotions and in store placement of junk food.  

The Scottish Government must now take immediate steps to include regulatory measures to improve the food environment within the forthcoming diet and obesity strategy.

Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead, Obesity Action Scotland said “We are delighted that the Health and Sport Committee have recognised and supported the need for action to tackle price promotions of unhealthy foods.  We know that price promotions lead us to buy more than we intended and consume more than we intended.  We need to ensure that the healthy choice is the easy choice for everyone.”

We are calling for the Scottish Government’s Diet and Obesity Strategy to include the following actions for the retail and out of home sector:

  1. Regulation to tackle price promotions on unhealthy foods
  2. Restricting advertising and sponsorship associated with unhealthy food
  3. Regulations to control portion size
  4. Support for the Soft Drinks Industry Levy to be implemented and monitored
  5. Support for the UK reformulation programme to be implemented and extended