Good Food Nation Bill: have your views heard!

19 February 2019

The Scottish Government are proposing a new law on food – a Good Food Nation Bill. They have some good ideas, but the Scottish Food Coalition, of which Obesity Action Scotland are part,  don't think they go far enough. This law will need to be more ambitious to make a real difference. 

We all have until the 29th of March to tell the Government what we think of their proposals and try and raise the ambition of this new law.  To help everyone participate, the Scottish Food Coalition have created two handy tools:
A "Guide to Responding" which guides you through answering the consultation questions, and provides explanations and some ideas for what to include in your response. Although the questions are not easy to understand, your response will be more impactful if you directly answer the consultation questions. 

If you don't have much time, you can use our e-action to help you share your views in just a couple of minutes.