Another year, same story – primary 1 BMI statistics

01 January 2017

Today ISD published the annual Primary 1 Body Mass Index Statistics for Scotland[1].  And unfortunately it is the same old story.  No change, no improvement.

Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead of Obesity Action Scotland said “Unfortunately the data published today indicates that there has been no improvement in the rates of obesity and overweight in children entering primary school in Scotland. It is all too easy to become complacent about this repetitive message on obesity but we all need to understand that childhood obesity is a ticking timebomb of health problems.

This situation can no longer continue.  If the Scottish Government is serious about increasing the proportion of children of healthy weight then they must take immediate action to support families to make the healthy choice the easy choice.  We must tackle the factors that get in the way of eating healthily.  We would call on Scottish Government to take immediate action to restrict price promotions of unhealthy food, tackle the marketing, advertising and sponsorship of unhealthy food and regulate to control portion size.  Only by taking such brave and bold action will we begin to see families empowered to eat more healthily.”