23 May 2018

Today, campaigners will bring kitchen tables and chairs outside the Scottish Parliament to launch a report on public priorities for the future of food in Scotland.  

The report, published by the Scottish Food Coalition, asked the public their top priorities and concerns for a Good Food Nation, adding pressure on the Scottish Government to begin its overdue consultation on a Bill before the Summer Recess.

Between February and April 2018, over 800 people discussed the future of Scotland’s food system in Kitchen Table Talks. Conversations took place from the Scottish borders to the Shetland Islands, around dinner tables, in town halls, community gardens and allotments, at Universities and places of worship.

Top concerns included: the affordability of a healthy diet, and the environmental impact of our food system.

Top priorities included: action to facilitate local food economies, make all food production sustainable, and to improve access to good food.

Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead for Obesity Action Scotland said:

“The Kitchen Table Talks have reinforced how important it is that we improve the accessibility and affordability of a healthy diet.  If we truly want to call ourselves a Good Food Nation then we must have a Bill that enables everyone in Scotland to have a healthy diet.”