Our Response to the UK Government's Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling Consultation

13 October 2020

The UK Government and Devolved Administrations are consulting to ensure that the 'traffic light' front-of-pack nutrition labels (FOPNL) scheme continues to help people choose what food and drink to buy. The consultation is open until the 21st October 2020.

The consultation asks for views and evidence on:

  • the UK government’s and devolved administrations’ recommended FOPNL scheme, the ‘multiple traffic light label’
  • new international examples, specifically the ‘nutri-score’ label and ‘Chile’s health warning label’ which have gained prominence in recent years
  • whether FOPNL should reflect the latest dietary advice on sugar and fibre

We believe that any front of pack nutrition labelling scheme should be mandatory, applied consistently (in store and online), should be clear and concise, and should reflect the latest UK dietary recommendations. 

Our full response is available to view, here.