Since April 2017 Obesity Action Scotland has been calling on national and local governments to place greater value on school meals and create an eating culture by following our four recommendations for action: 

1. Use unprocessed or minimally processed foods wherever possible
2. Prioritise vegetables, soup and salad over puddings
3. Reduce free sugar content towards Scottish Dietary Goals
4. Create a positive physical and social environment for school meals

We will continue to work with a number of partner organisations and seek to influence the current Scottish Government review of school meals with the aim of seeking investment and development in school meals to ensure we offer every child in Scotland a healthy and enjoyable food and dining experience.

As part of the local government election campaign earlier this year, we asked candidates to pledge their support to improving school meals.

The following candidates pledged to our eatingnotfeeding campaign.

Ben Lawrie Phillip Bell Hugh Wilson Craig Duncan
Claire Miller Mary Campbell Ross Collins Susan Murray
Laura Moodie Rachel Shanks Christopher Birt John Morgan
Jim MacLeod Sandy Taylor Evelyn Weston Sarah Anderson
Brian Finlay Mandy Meikle Hugh Hunter Charlie Nicolson
Robert Drysdale Carol Ford Anne Wimberley Bill Duff
Gordon Munro Steve Burgess Iain McKinnon-Waddell Yvonne McLellan
Bill Mason Stephen Smith    

School MealsTransforming a Feeding Culture into an Eating Culture

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School meals summary report

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