Elections, Elections, Elections!

16 June 2017

It seems that we are visiting our local polling stations with some degree of regularity over the past few years and the most recent result of the general Election has still to fully play itself out.

This uncertainty and focus on other issues may, unfortunately, push obesity down the agenda and make it less clear what our future political landscape will look like. It does, however, offer us the opportunity - the necessity - to continue to communicate, engage, advocate, convince and persuade our politicians of the importance and urgency of the obesity crisis.
We must be unrelenting in communicating our message, our asks and our solutions to tackling obesity to politicians, the media, the health sector and the public to maximise on any opportunity that may be presented in these unprecedented times.
The Scottish Government has committed to a Diet and Obesity Strategy in 2017 and we are expecting a consultation launch in the coming months. That commitment must be met. The health of our nation is at stake.
So, let's not be distracted by the political manoeuvres that are playing out, but remain focused on our goals and our audiences to ensure that obesity does not slip down the political agenda.