In April 2017 Obesity Action Scotland published its findings of an analysis of school menu’s across Scotland. We found that the school dining experience varies dramatically and change is needed to ensure no school or child is left behind.  All too often children are offered puddings high in sugar and menus regularly offer processed foods.  We found that Scottish primary schools serve puddings more often than soup and these puddings have an average of 14g of sugar.

Two thirds of primary school pupils in Scotland eat school meals.   School meals provide a unique opportunity to drive the dietary change we need to see in Scotland and act as an exemplar for healthy eating. Change is possible and the report highlights areas where that change is starting to happen, but more action is needed and greater priority and attention needs to be given to this subject to ensure we offer all our children the best start in life

The report recommends that national and local governments place greater value on school meals and create an eating culture by:

  1. Using unprocessed or minimally processed foods wherever possible
  2. Prioritising vegetables, soup and salads over puddings
  3. Reducing free sugar content towards meeting Scottish Dietary Goals
  4. Creating a positive physical and social environment for school meals


School MealsTransforming a Feeding Culture into an Eating Culture

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School meals summary report

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