Obesity Policy Requires More Effort

“Slow Progress. Limited Success. Requires much more effort.” That is the conclusion of Obesity Action Scotland on obesity in Scotland six years after the publication of Scottish Government’s Obesity Route Map. At a time when voluntary health sector organisations are highlighting the importance of healthy weight in the prevention of diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes, two in three adults in Scotland remain overweight or obese.

Obesity Action Scotland has reviewed the commitments made in the Obesity Route Map and found that 

  • In six years since the Obesity Route Map was launched rates of adult obesity and overweight have remained stubbornly high (65%) and the proportion of children of a healthy weight has not improved (68%) 
  • There is a significant link between deprivation and obesity in childhood and the inequality gap has increased over recent years
  • We have a poor diet that has not changed in fifteen years
  • We welcome the progress on physical activity levels which is important for improving health but there is limited evidence that it can turn the tide on obesity
  • Much more requires to be done to introduce effective policies to improve the diet of the Scottish population

These findings are outlined in a Report Card published by Obesity Action Scotland.

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