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We recently co-hosted an event with the University of Edinburgh exploring the ground-breaking dietary guidelines introduced in Brazil. 

In 2014, the Brazilian government introduced world-leading guidelines that extend beyond the traditional confines of nutritional policy to engage with environmental sustainability and the social and cultural dimensions of food.
The guidelines take a new approach to categorising foods based on the extent of processing involved rather than with reference to nutrients. The aim is to encourage fresh, minimally processed foods and actively discourage consumption of ultra-processed foods and drink products.

While there, we also filmed interviews with Dr Fabio Gomez and Professor Ines Rugani. Find out what we learned.

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Amsterdam is successfully tackling the growing obesity crisis - reporting a 12% drop in childhood overweight and obesity within the first three years of their Healthy Weight for all Children programme. We recently visited Amsterdam to speak to the people involved in the programme. Follow our story:

In Tackling Childhood Obesity we outline the programme itself and explore their methods and reasoning.
Community Work focuses on just how closely the Amsterdam municipality works with their communities.
We cycled throughout the city and were introdced to the hugely successful Jump-In programme for primary schools.
Further research finds the programme model based on the earlier established Dutch and French programmes JOGG and EPODE.

Flags Of the Nordic Countries

The New Nordic Diet

Over the past 10 years, the Nordic governments, through the New Nordic Food Programme have collectively taken a new approach that seeks to change the food culture and consumption patterns of their people. Government policies played a key role in promoting a new and more sustainable Nordic cuisine to international fame but others played their part including world renowned chefs and the private sector. Through public-private partnerships, product innovations and reformulation these new ideas are being incorporated in everyday life in the Nordic countries. 

Mads Frederik Fischer-Moller is a Senior Advisor on Food. In this series of interviews he provides illuminating views on Nordic food culture, nutrition policy and the impact of food programmes and activities in the Nordic Countries.


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