Meet Kirsty, the Holyrood Baby

Kirsty the Holyrood Baby

Have you met the Holyrood Baby?

A creation of Holyrood magazine, the Holyrood Baby, named Kirsty, emerged during the 2014 referendum when Nicola Sturgeon asked us to imagine a 'Kirsty' and what kind of Scotland we wanted her to grow up in. Born on 12th may 2016, Kirsty is growing up in the real Scotland and facing the same challenges that confront all newborn children in Scotland today.

We recently wrote about the future prospects for Kirsty in Holyrood magazine; she has an uncertain future in an environment that encourages weight gain and seems to accept it as inevitable.

Is this the kind of Scotland we want Kirsty to grow up in?

What will you do to help change it?


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