European Obesity Day


Saturday 21st May is European Obesity Day, organised by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO).

“Obesity is one of the most challenging public health concerns of the 21st century. It is an epidemic that is sweeping Europe and about which not enough is being done.”  EASO.

European Obesity Day is about bringing people together to raise awareness and increase knowledge about obesity and the many other diseases on which it impacts. It brings together healthcare, patient and political communities who are keen to raise awareness of the issue. The theme for EOD 2016 is Action for a Healthier Future

In 2014, 65% of adults in Scotland were overweight, with 28% classed as obese. This means that two in every three people across the country are overweight or obese. With a newly elected Scottish Parliament entering office, the day presents an opportunity for us to bring the issue of obesity to the fore in Scotland in a co-ordinated effort.

Obesity Action Scotland is calling on individuals and organisations working in the wide arena of obesity and public health to support the day by taking the following actions:

  • Promote the day to your communities and networks in the week leading up to European Obesity Day
  • Sign up to our Thunderclap to send a message to Scotland on 21st May
  • Post your own Obesity Day activities on twitter and hashtag using #ScotlandvsObesity and #EOD2016
  • Follow and RT us on Twitter
  • Need content? Email us and we’ll send you some pre-made tweets for you to paste into your Twitter account
    Find out more on the EASO website 

As part of our ongoing role to turn the tide on obesity in Scotland, see our recent Scottish Election campaign where we asked candidates to support 5 key measures to tackle obesity on Scotland.



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