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Welcome to the New Scottish Parliament

A warm welcome is extended to the newly elected Scottish Parliament. We look forward to working with MSPs from all parties to explore and implement actions to address the levels of obesity and overweight in Scotland.

In 2014, 65% of adults in Scotland were overweight, with 28% classed as obese. This means that two in every three people across the country are overweight or obese. 31% of Scotland's children were at risk of becoming overweight in 2014 with 17% at risk of becoming obese and there is evidence that being obese in childhood increases the risk of becoming an obese adult.

These figures alone are a call for urgent action:


We are calling on all members of the Scottish Parliament to recognise the role of government policy in helping to facilitate a healthier food environment across Scotland and to take a Public Health approach to implementing actions to tackle the issue, such as the successful actions taken with regard to tobacco and alcohol.

Today we are calling on the new Scottish Parliament to support 5 measures to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

5 Measures to Tackle Obesity

Together we can build a food environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice, but only if we become serious about creating a healthier food environment across the country.



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